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Using Your Commuter Time

Commuting time starts the moment you leave your front door. Some people think there is a salary drop if you add 20 minutes to your commuter time but if you plan right and reserve a seat, you can begin your workday by going through your emails or your day’s to do list and possibly deduct the commuting cost.

A daily ticket from Canterbury to London costs a commuter around £39 per ticket and could take ninety minutes. A daily commuter could Take those 90 commuter minutes beginning their workday and changing ther focus to work goals.

If you are not willing to start work early, you can improve your health by standing for the commute and burning an extra 100 calories.

Standing for three hours during your commute will burn an extra 300 calories and if you get to the platform early, you could increase the calorie burn to 400 calories just from commuting.

Rentals ninety minutes from your destination will be less expensive and the added benefits may make it worth adding the twenty minutes to your commuting day.

Commuter etiquette means that your commuter time is not used eating warm food, talking loudly on your phone or stalking your neighbours computer. If you are unable to follow commuter etiquette keep your commuter times under 15 minutes.