Commuting London

Communicating words. Today I overheard someone say

Amazing how mean people can be when they have everything to lose. 

Stranger in the UK

I’m not saying anything else is not a possibility.  Words leak out of people and trickle through the internet.  The words overheard are everywhere meaning nothing to those who overhear them but they mean something to the one who said them. The words lead back to voice or data but who are they seeen when viewed for a second or third or hundredth time.

Sitting in public spaces and hearing words said by people who have everything to lose by someone who has nothing to lose anymore.

Having lived with nothing to lose means everything. The pain is constant internet word people but the words are not what causes the pain.

Living with other people’s words collaged into my work is my current life working in a shared work environment.

Everyone talks, everyone share words and every word means something. Having everything to lose, do they play with their words or are they more careful with words than they were with their pasts.